What style of class are you after? Scroll down to see the many genres offered at Goodhew, uniform requirements, age groups and times for each class. Please contact us if you are unsure so we can guide you to the right class and feel free to take up our offer of a “week on us” so you can try the classes before you sign up.


Acrobatics is an art of dance incorporating balance, agility and motor coordination. In this class, students will learn basic gymnastic floor work and tumbling for stage performance.

Teachers at Goodhew hold qualifications with Acrobatic Arts.

Emphasis is placed on strengthening and improving flexibility, both very important principles for all styles of dance. The class is based on the Acrodancer syllabus, with students learning tricks including forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, backflips and somersaults and more.

class divisions
Junior (K–2)
Intermediate (Yr 3–5)
Senior (Yr 6 + Highschool)


Goodhew offers two styles of dance for mature aged students. These classes are suitable for beginners and those who have danced previously.

Adult Tap

The adult tap class is suitable for all ages and experience levels teaching basic technique. Tap dancing is a great way to improve fitness, bone density, muscle tone and memory.


Ballet is an artistic dance form incorporating set steps and movements danced very gracefully.

Students learn the Cecchetti method to develop their strength and technique according to ballet principles. Studying ballet will help students to improve their musicality and presentation in all dance styles, as well their overall posture, coordination and discipline.

We encourage all students to take at least one ballet class per week to improve posture and technique required for other styles , and two classes per week once the grade one level is passed in order to be eligible to sit for exams.

For more information on the Cecchetti ballet method click here


This program is for ballerinas with a passion for classical ballet.  Classes specialise in the instruction of The Cecchetti Method of classical ballet and classes are for dancers who show a potential in, and dedication for classical ballet.

To be part of this exciting project 2 grade ballet classes are compulsory for students wishing to participate in exams.

Progressing Ballet Technique Class

Grade 2 and Grade 3 ballet students are able to supplement their grade classes with  a Progressing Ballet Technique class.  Goodhew Academy Teachers have certified with the Progressing Ballet Technique program and have found it helpful for students in understanding the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.

This is a fun yet structured lesson using various equipment e.g. exercise balls, therabands etc. designed to develop correct posture, body alignment and core body strength.  

Pointe & Pre-Pointe Classes

Grade 4 students will take a Pre-Pointe class and Grade 5 up to Intermediate will take a Pointe Class.  This will supplement grade classes and students will continue to  work towards strengthening technique and core strength required for exams.

These classes are for committed Classical Ballet students who have developed and refined the skills required to safely support themselves dancing en pointe.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes must be attended in conjunction with at least one other weekly ballet class.

class divisions
Kinder ages 5-6
Primary ages 6-7
Grade 1 ages 7-8
Grade 2 ages 8-10
Grade 3 ages 10-12
Grade 4 and over (please contact for class placement)


Contemporary dance is a performance style fusing classical ballet, modern and jazz principles. It emphasises contraction and release, fall and recovery, floor work and improvisation.

Students learn simple exercises and combinations to improve on basic contemporary principles and work on learning choreography related to particular themes or music. Students are encouraged to take contemporary classes because it helps develop an understanding of music as well as improve coordination, muscle strength and flexibility. Contemporary dance principles are also beneficial for developing the students’ own creative ability to express themselves through dance.

class divisions
Junior Contemporary (K-Year 3)
Intermediate Contemporary (Years 4-6)
Senior Contemporary (High School)

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines singing, spoken dialogue, acting and dance.

Musical theatre provides an opportunity for students to participate in group singing tuition, develop confidence, acting and vocal skills, stagecraft and dance technique.

We encourage our students to participate in these performance classes as it is desirable in the entertainment industry for students wishing to become a triple threat performer.

Private singing tuition are also available upon request.

class divisions
Junior Musical Theatre (K-Year 2)
Intermediate Drama (Year 3-5)
Senior Drama (Year 6 & High School)

Goodhew Teacher Training Program (TTP)

Our Teacher Training Program is suitable for students wishing to gain ADA (Australasian Dance Association) professional teaching qualifications in Tap and Jazz.  Pre Elementary level deals with the ADA Grade Syllabus covering Pre-Primary to Grade 2 and results in being a qualified professional teacher with ADA and the ability to enter students for ADA examinations up to this level. 

This program provides dance students interested in beginning the pathway to becoming a teacher with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and expertise through assistant dance teaching in a variety of classes and will give the tools to stand in the classroom with confidence and the know how to be the best teacher they can be.

Students will learn to teach with confidence and knowledge, learn of the importance of a holistic approach to teaching, as well as how to identify, manage and support every student in the class.  Child safety & protection will also be covered, and also the art of lesson planning and class structure. 

To take up a position in the Goodhew Academy Teacher Training Program students will need enrol in and attend one teachers class a week beginning at the Pre Elementary Level.  (This class is not included in the Goodhew Unlimited package.) . Students participating then have the opportunity to complete their dance Teacher Certification via examination through the ADA.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a style of street dance incorporating a variety of popping, locking and breaking. Our Hip Hop classes allow the students to explore their own hip-hop style to popular music, keeping the students engaged and working together. Hip-hop dance is a great tool to develop improvisation and choreographing skills, and also to experience audition style choreography.

class divisions
Junior Hip Hop (K-Year 2)
Intermediate Hip Hop (Year 3-5)
Senior Hip Hop (Year 6 and High school)


Jazz dance is a style of theatrical dance performed to popular music. We teach our jazz students the ADA syllabus, which is based on the technical dance principles. Jazz classes will help students to improve their technique, body strength and flexibility. The ADA Jazz syllabus is a comprehensive one and also includes styles such as musical theatre, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary. Students will study each grade level for approximately 12-18 months to work towards completing their exam. Exams are optional.

Students are organised into grades based on their age and level of expertise, and a starting point to find the right level for your child is listed below.

Click here for more information on the ADA syllabus.

class divisions
Kinder Ages 5-6
Primary Ages 6-7
Grade 1 Ages 7-8
Grade 2 Ages 8-10
Grade 3 Ages 10-12
Grade 4 and over (please contact for class placement

Jazz / Funk

A fun and funky Jazz/Hip Hop style class for those wanting to increase skill level in these Genres. Students will warm up, learn dance technique and a routine that will be added to each week in class. Great for Primary school and junior high students wanting to give dance a try or get back into dance.

Tiny Tots

Our Tiny Tots class is an introduction to dance class run for children aged 2.5-5 years old. The class involves simple movement, singing and dancing incorporated with props, action songs and games and runs for 45mins.

The Tiny Tots class will help young dancers to improve their coordination, build on their gross motor skills and is a great confidence booster as well as encouraging a love of dance.

Ready, Set... Dance!

An engaging 2 level program designed to give boys and girls Confidence, Coordination and Creativity in a safe and professional environment. With a major emphasis on FUN, our classes will be the highlight of your child’s week.

Ages 2-5 years: Tuesday 9.30-10.30am
Ages 2-5 years: Thursday 9.30-10.30am
Ages 2-3 years: Saturday 9.30-10.30am
Ages 4-5 years: Saturday 11-12pm (starting school next year)


Tap dance is a style of theatrical dance incorporating shoes with metal plates striking the floor as percussion.

Students will study the technical tap principles from the ADA syllabus for approximately 12-18 months working towards completing exams. Although exams are optional the ADA syllabus offers a fabulous progression of technique and skill level whilst extremely age appropriate. Some of the styles of dance covered in the comprehensive syllabus are musical theatre, broadway, acapella and street tap.

A beginner does not need to start with the first level but can usually take classes with children of their own age.

Students are organised into grades based on their age and level of expertise, and a starting point to find the right level for your child is listed below.

Tap Masterclass

Highschool students are also offered a Tap Masterclass, taught by an industry professional. This is offered for experienced tappers looking to improve their technique and further develop their skills.

class divisions
Kinder Ages 5-6
Primary Ages 6-7
Grade 1 Ages 7-8
Grade 2 Ages 8-10
Grade 3 Ages 10-12
Grade 4 and over (please contact for class placement)
Tap Masterclass

Hip Hop and Street Tap (Boys Only)

Our boys only classes are for boys who:

  • Are active and energetic wanting to further develop agility, co ordination, strength, fine motor skills, and flexibility
  • Are actors who want to further develop their skill set for dance
  • Are creative and imaginative
  • Just love to Dance!

If your son ticks one or more of the above boxes he will just love our Boys classes.

class divisions
Junior Boys Hip Hop (K-Year 4)
Junior Boys Street Tap (K-Year 4)
Intermediate Boys Street Tap (Year 5 & over)
Intermediate Hip Hop (Boys Year 5 & over)